Barrel saunas

We manufacture and sell round wooden saunas.

Saunas are very useful as they help to get rid of mental stress and relax muscles as well as the mind. It is advisable to visit a sauna when feeling overly stressed, tense or to relax your muscles after physical exercise. The heat and steam of sauna has a positive physiological impact upon the nervous system will help you to relax, gain new strength and forget your everyday worries.

At the same time our saunas can comfortably be used by up to eighteen people.

Our saunas are durable because of the high-quality wood and construction designs, which have taken many years to develop.

In addition, we make individually designed saunas. These may be custom built to any size, and made out of any variety of wood, with customized finishes

Our saunas can come equipped with all necessary accessories for you to instantly start enjoying the pleasures of the sauna.