4,5 m length barrel sauna

dimensions-icon Shape: Barrel
Diameter: 220 cm
Length: 450 cm
people-icon Suitable for 1-14 people
box-icon Standard kit includes:

  • Sauna;
  • Bitumen roof;
  • Impregnated outside walls;
  • Lockable doors;
  • 2 windows on the back wall;
  • A window in the doors;
  • Stainless steel clamping bands;
  • Benches
  • Decorative cornice.

Our barrel saunas are our most popular sauna design. As an addition we can also manufacture a dressing area for the sauna if required.

You can choose between hot steam or dry (Finnish type) sauna. .  

We provide several different types of sauna heater depending on your needs. For hot steam we can offer HARVIA M3 wood sauna stove and electric sauna heaters are used for Finnish saunas.

Our saunas come with all the accessories to get you started and are fully assembled. However, depending on your requirements we are able to offer additional accessories.

Possible roof colors

raudona ruda zalia pilka