Hot tubs

Depending on their size, outdoor tubs are designed for four to twelve people. This is a great relaxation tool suitable for any time of year.

Bathing in an outdoor tub helps to activate the circulatory system and revitalize the skin. This procedure is good for the human body because it strengthens the immune system and helps to prevent colds. The relaxing warmth also provides relief to aching joints and rheumatism. In Japan it is widely believed that their low rates of cardiovascular disease and rheumatism are due to the regular use of hot tubs in the country. They are particularly suitable for those who cannot handle the heat and moisture of the Finnish sauna and Russian bathhouse.

A key feature is that our hot tubs require very little additional care or servicing; all you have to do in is change the water once every two weeks and wash the inside with clean water once a month.

Our hot tubs are firm and strong and resistant to high water pressure. Each one is fastened with an additional third stainless steel stripe in order to keep the weight up to 3.5 tones.

Hot tubs are easily transported and can be easily lifted by 4-5 adults, so you will be able to carry it to its new location in the yard or load into a vehicle.

You can expect your hot tub to last for at least 15 to 20 years outdoors. Each hot tub is made by our skilled craftsmen and goes through a rigorous quality control to rule out any possibility of a leak. Because of the inherent nature of the wood, Siberian larch and Siberian spruce are highly resistant to temperature differences, bacteria and water exposure. Which gives them increased longevity over other timber.

Our wooden hot tubs are eco-friendly because they are made out of natural wood, protected from moisture with the help of natural substances and fastened with stainless steel.