Fiber glass tubs

dimensions-icon Tipas: Fiber glass tubs
Diameter: 180 cm
people-icon People

  • 180 cm suitable for up to 6 people.
box-icon Full kit includes:

  • Fiber glass hot tub with 27 mm wood paneling;
  • 2 stainless steel clamping bands;
  • Decorative cornice;
  • Heater;
  • 2 m chimney;
  • Two-piece wooden cover;
  • Wooden protection (for internal heater);
  • Glass fiber benches;
  • Wooden stairs;
  • Wooden bar for drinks;
  • Wooden paddle;
  • Ash scoop (for internal heater);

Fiberglass tubs – these provide the optimal price and performance ratio. The advantage of these tubs is that the wooden exterior can be easily replaced without having to change whole hot tub. Unlike our other tubs the convex benches allow you to save up to 500 liters of water which in turn speeds up the warming of the water.

Our hot tubs are normally sold as full kits but can be customized on request.